Course Update

Monday 21st of May 2018 14:10

Due to the current spell of very dry weather we have postponed the overseeding of the summer tees, the machine drills a constant groove into which the seed is placed ready for germination, I am concerned the grooves will gape open in the dry weather (despite irrigation each night) inevitably we will get a wetter spell after this current dry spell and we will carry out the work then.

The 2nd white tee will be levelled once we are through the current dry spell, in dry conditions like this it is not advised to lift and lay new turf as it will require more water than we can supply.

This week we will be starting to spray the nettles/thistles and any other woody stemmed weeds that are present around the course. A blue dye will be added to the herbicide, so the operators can see what has been sprayed; members will also be able to see the progress as a two-man team make their way around the course over the next few days.

We are currently working our way through the irrigation system as we have a snagging list of jobs/repairs following start up after winter.

The jobs are mainly to tees irrigation as this is the oldest component of the system which was installed in 1999-2000 making the tees sprinklers close to 20yrs old. Considering their age, it is a relatively small jobs list to complete, we hope to have this finished this week.

The irrigation system is on each night now and runs an automatic program to apply water to all the greens and tees, this totals 95 m3 or 95,000 litres of water each night, the system comes on at 10pm and runs overnight to 2am the following morning.

Obviously, we can dictate to amount of water that is applied be individually programming each tee and green, the longer the dry spell continues the longer the run time is, any ‘hot spots’ are topped up manually in the morning during the set up of the course for the day.





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