Typical Golfing Week

Southerndown is a friendly club and you will soon find your own 'niche'. To get you started, the following typical week may be helpful:


Southerndown became one of the first clubs in the country to offer ladies equal status to men, and as a result ladies are entitled to play on any day of the week. However, traditionally ladies play medal and Stableford competitions on Mondays - twice monthly throughout the year. Many ladies like to play mid-morning on Wednesdays and Fridays, too.



On Tuesday mornings throughout the year, ″Hanner Ffordd″ meet up. This is an internal society within the golf club that plays ten holes of golf. Hanner Ffordd is a Welsh phrase meaning ″ half way″. If you turn up to play around 9 a.m. and make yourself known someone will look after you. A draw for pairings is made over coffee and 4-ball matches go out in draw order. A small entry fee applies. Year round, weather permitting. In the early evening during the summer the Halletts meet socially and for golf.

(Ladies) Tuesday is a quiet day in the Ladies section and Tuesday afternoons are a fairly quiet time on the golf course, so a good time to get some practise in. We have a group of new members who meet up on a Tuesday and who are known informally as the TAGS (Tuesday Afternoon Golf Society)



Once a month in the golfing season a Mid-Week Yellow Box Medal (MWYBM) takes place, with start times running on into the evening.

At Wednesday lunchtime an informal ″swindle″ takes place. This is a men’s Stableford competition played off the yellow boxes. Just turn up around 11.45 a.m. and make it known that you are looking for a game. This is a great way to meet new members, with social and competitive golf the order of the day. People fix up 4-ball games either in advance or as they arrive. Players of all handicaps are welcomed and there is a small entry fee. Year round, weather permitting.

(Ladies) Wednesday is busy during the Winter for our ladies with our informal roll up golf. This is very popular especially with new members and a good opportunity to play with different people and to learn the rules. We usually try to pair new members with more experienced members and try to concentrate on a particular rule or point of etiquette each week.



The Hanner Ffordd meet up on Thursday mornings as well - same details as on Tuesday.


Typical Golfing Week



There is nothing specific in terms of organized competition but several players meet up around mid-day for a game. Just turn up and take your chances! You’ll soon get to know who plays and when.

(Ladies) Friday is often used by the Ladies section for social competitions such as the Strawberry Tea in June and also an opportunity to fit in the preliminary rounds for the MChugh Cup which is a qualifying competition played over 12 holes during the spring and summer months.



In the golfing season, there will be medal / Stableford competitions a couple of times a month on Saturdays / Sundays (- see above).

A group meets at 9 a.m. for a similar style of competition to the "swindles". Partners are drawn out of a hat and games go out in three or four-ball format. There is a small entry fee. Year round, weather permitting.

Saturday afternoons are similar to Fridays in that some people meet up to play around mid-day.

(Ladies) During weekends the Ladies section hold extra medals and Stableford completions so there is plenty of opportunity for those who work to play in qualifying competitions.



See Saturday for medals etc.

On Sunday afternoon throughout the year there is an informal ″swindle″. See Wednesday for details.




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