Club Management Structure

Southerndown Golf Club is a private members' Club which has been in existence since 1905. At the AGM of October 1995 the members approved a major constitutional change with the introduction of a dual system of management: a small Executive Committee to take responsibility for management policy and a Captain’s Secretariat to help the Captain to organize golf and social events.


The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee's role is to determine Club policy. It operates through a four-man Executive, plus the Captain and a non-voting Trustee. The specific posts of Chairman, Finance, Course and Establishment indicate their designated areas of contribution to the Executive rather than actual operational responsibility. Policy decision-making is taken collectively by the Executive Committee - not by the members in isolation - and responsibility and accountability are shared.

At an operational level the Club is managed by the Director of golf, John Peters and the course by the Course Manager, Andrew Mannion, both acting in accordance with Executive policy.

The Trustees have responsibility for the assets of the Club and one of them attends Executive Committee meetings in an advisory, non-voting capacity.

Annually the Executive is accountable to the members at AGM. Members are elected to the Committee for three years and retire in rotation.


The Captain's Secretariat

The Captain holds a pivotal position in the Club: he is the figure-head of the Club, he is a member of the Executive Committee and he has his own Secretariat to help him to organize golf and social events.

But the Captain does not have to run the Club, as sometimes still happens elsewhere. With the responsibilities of management lifted from his shoulders he should be able to enjoy his year of office. He can devote his time and energies to making a success of the golfing and social calendars, and to mixing with - and playing golf with - a wide range of members and visitors.

The system has worked well and has enabled the Club to thrive over the last decade or so. A business-like approach to management has meant that subscription rates have been kept affordable, membership levels have been maintained and green fee income has increased – without causing too much congestion on the tee. As a result sufficient funds are being generated to maintain and improve the Club’s high standards, enabling Southerndown to look forward to a bright future.




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