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The idea behind this little guide is to give you as a new member an idea of what goes on and to help you to become involved in the golfing life of the Club – especially if you are interested in meeting new people, having some fun and playing a little more competitive golf than just a four ball. The entry fees are insignificant - no more than a couple of pounds at most - enough to spice up the game without becoming serious!

Frequently asked Questions

How do I find out what is going on?
When and where can I start playing?

What is the dress code?

What is course etiquette?

What about team golf?

Can I bring guests?

Can I introduce members?
Where else do I go for help?

What about the Rules of Golf, Handicapping, Medals, Stablefords etc?


Q. How do I find out what is going on?

A. The best way to keep yourself informed about what is going on is to check the diary online - or alternatively:

  • the main notice board in the clubhouse ( - just inside on your right)
  • the ladies notice board in their foyer
  • the car park notice board. (A good habit to cultivate is to check this to see what’s going on in the week to come.)
  • or just ask!
    • anything to do with golf - try the Pro Shop
    • anything else - try the Office
    • and remember that the Captain and Committee members are always there to help you, too!

Social functions are publicised on the clubhouse notice boards. Tickets will be on sale behind the bar. Again, check out the diary online.

The main notice board in the clubhouse is where important notices are published. These notices are more formal in nature, covering things like new member applications, safety issues and other items of information for members. The monthly calendar of events and weekly diary are also published here.


Q. When and where can I start playing?

A. Golfing Start Points – 1st & 10th Tees:

Once you have joined and paid your subscription you can usually play whenever you want without the need to book a tee time.

There are two recognised start points on the golf course. The first tee is the obvious one; however you can sometimes also start on the 10th tee. If you choose to start at the 10th, make sure that the first tee is not going to be occupied when you reach it. If it has been booked for a members’ competition or by visitors they will have priority. When social golf is being played you can usually filter in at the tenth, but on very busy days this can cause delays.

The course tends to be busier at the weekend. The pace of play is determined by the members’ 4-ball better ball (4BBB) format which usually lasts between 3 and 3 ½ hours. Medal competitions - and visitors who are not familiar with the course - tend to take longer. Single players and 2-ball matches should not expect to be called through when the course is busy, so it is always advisable to make up a 3-ball or 4-ball.


Q. What is the dress code?

Please see the full dress code information for full details.


Q. What is course etiquette?

Please see our etiqette page for full details.


Q. What about team golf?

A. Southerndown has teams to suit golfers of all abilities. The captains of these teams are chosen by the Club Captain and the Ladies’ Captain. The team Captains are responsible for the selection of teams to play matches against other clubs.

There is a men’s 1st team and a 2nd team, both of which play in the Glamorgan County League. Details are on the notice boards at the end of the foyer. Fixtures are printed in the club calendar, displayed on the notice-boards – and of course can be accessed via the online diary. Match results can be found on the Glamorgan County website

Veterans Full details of matches and other competitions are to be found on the notice boards on the right hand side at the end of the foyer.

Wayfarers Handicap range from 9.5 to 17.4. Full details on the notice board at the end of the foyer on the left. See also: Wayfarers Golf

Hallets Handicap limit 17.5 and above. An excellent way for new golfers or high handicappers to meet new people and play matches against other teams. Full details on the notice board at the end of the foyer on the left.

Ladies have three teams that represent Southerndown in league competitions. In addition senior ladies and friendly matches are organised. Full details are available from the ladies’ section; check out the diary or notice-board for fixture dates, times, etc.

The club also enters teams in other competitions such as The Mail on Sunday National Golf Club Classic - one male and one female team. Notices go up at the beginning of the golfing season.


Q.Can I bring guests?

A. Members are encouraged to bring guests to play Southerndown. The current guest fee is £20 weekdays and £25 weekends. Each summer the Club holds two Members & Guests Days which are always well-supported. Details from the Professional.


Q. Can I introduce members?

A. Once you have been a member for two years you may sponsor or support your friends when they apply for membership.


Q. Where else do I go for help?

If you are in any way confused, lost or just looking for more information - please ask at the Pro Shop (01656 881112) or the Office (01656 881110).


Q. What about the Rules of Golf, Handicapping, Medals, Stablefords etc?

A. For help with the Rules of Golf click here to download the .pdf

For help with Handicapping visit here

Competition Formats

In any event where a card is handed in, it is only the GROSS score that is being verified.

A very popular format which is not so punishing and should be quicker than medal play.

The scoring works as follows:

First of all, the gross score for each hole must be recorded. It is this that the player signs for. In the event of a hole not being completed, a No-Return (NR) may be entered.

This is a stroke play competition, so no putts may be conceded as in match play.

From the gross scores recorded, the handicap allowance is applied in accordance with the stroke index of each hole and a net score per hole calculated.

From this:-

    • A net bogey scores 1 point
    • A net par scores 2 points
    • A net birdie scores 3 points
    • A net eagle scores 4 points

Anything more than a net bogey scores ZERO points and you should pick up your ball at this point. The player scoring the most points over the course of the competition (usually 18 holes, sometimes 36 holes) is the winner.

Remember that although you are encouraged to calculate your Stableford points, mistakes in this regard can be rectified at any time with no penalties incurred.

Medal Every stroke taken during the round is counted and every hole must be completed. Your handicap is subtracted from your total number of strokes (Gross score) to give your net score. The lowest net score wins the competition.

Four Ball Better Ball A team is made up of two players who play together. On each hole both players play their own ball (as in normal play) but only the best net score of the two on each hole counts for the team score. The format may be medal or Stableford, with each player using 3/4 of their usual handicap.

NB: The scoring can be a little tricky, so to ensure that any problems in the scoring can be easily resolved, it is best to make sure that the marker of the card puts down both players' gross scores in the appropriate columns as well as the best net score (and, of course, both of his own team’s scores in the marker's column).

Greensome Foursomes As with normal fourballs both members of a team of two drive, but then only one ball is selected for subsequent play. That ball is then played alternately by the team members until holed out, the second shot being played by the player whose tee shot was discarded. The format for this competition may be medal or stableford. The handicap allowance is 7/16 the combined handicap of the two players.

Texas Scramble In a 'Texas Scramble' each member of a team drives. The best tee shot is selected and all team members except the player whose shot has been selected hit their second shots from within 6 inches of that position, no nearer the hole. Play continues in this manner until a ball is holed. The score for the hole is the number of shots played by the team after one of the balls is holed out.

Matchplay As its name suggests, this method of scoring is only used in matches. A stroke allowance for the course is given based on the difference between a player's handicap and the lowest handicap of the group playing the match. After that, the game is played by holes.

A hole is won by the side that holes its ball in fewer (net) strokes. A hole is halved if each side holes out in the same number of strokes. The reckoning of holes is kept by the terms: so many holes up or all square, and so many to play.

A side is dormie when it is as many holes up as there are remaining to be played. The match is won by the side which is leading by a number of holes greater than the number of holes remaining to be played.




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